May 17, 2020

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress from scratch. No step Skipped.

In this video, I am going to teach you how to create a contact form from scratch in WordPress. No step skipped.

Contact form is an essential part of any website or blog. So, if you have a blog, a professional website, or an e-commerce store, you always need a contact form.

Contact form is a group of fields in which visitors adds his information to contact you, and you will immediately get a notification in your mail. Here are the simple steps to create a contact form.

Step 1 – Download and Installation of the plugin

First, download the WPForms plugin from this URL

To download, go to WordPress dashboard and open plugins menu. After that, click on Add new and search “WPForms” in the right top corner search field.
Click Install and then Activate. After that, it will be redirected you to getting started screen.

Step 2 – Create your first contact form.
In the dashboard, go to the WPForms menu and click on Add new form. It will open form the editor screen. Type your form name as shown in the video, select option simple contact form, and click on create.
Now, edit the fields according to your need. Usually, the Name, Email, and Subject field is required.

Step 3 – Add/Embed a form in your existing page or create a new contact page.

  • Existing contact us page.
    Copy the shortcode of that form, Go to your existing page and paste the shortcode wherever required. It will display the form at frontend
  • Create a new page
    Go to pages and add a new page. Name it Contact Us page. And add WPForms block and select your form. Publish the page.

Step 4 – Test. Is it working?
Now. Go to your page and submit the form by filling all the fields. Check your email notification.

That’s it. Your form is working now.

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About the Author

Sandesh Jangam is Developer, WooCommerce Expert, and Podcaster. He is working as a WordPress developer since 2014 and helping people with this blog. He loves to travel ancient temples, chilling at the beach and reading books

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