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How To Add Custom PHP Code To WordPress

There are many times that you want to add custom PHP code ( custom functionality ) to WordPress/WooCommerce website. Ideally, developers know all the pros and cons of each method. Today, I will show you

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Introduction To WordPress Gutenberg Editor

What is WordPress Gutenberg? For those who don’t know, WordPress is going to have a new text editor, and it is called Gutenberg. This new WordPress (visual) editor was named in honor of Johannes Gutenberg.

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A Perfect Guide To Add WooCommerce Shortcodes

Why Shortcodes? WooCommerce is a flexible plugin for you to sell products on your website. One of the reasons why WooCommerce is great is because of its use of shortcodes. WooCommerce Shortcodes are those small

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Man Behind TechieSandesh

WordPress Developer

Hey, Welcome to my blog!

I am Sandesh Jangam a WordPress Developer from Pune, India. I started WordPress as a hobby in 2014, and today I am successful WordPress Developer.

WordPress community has given me everything, and now it’s my turn to give it back. I discovered how much I really enjoy helping people.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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